Blog Prompt 22: What are anguish and Despair in existentialism? Discuss Sartre’s marriage example and give your an analogous example that demonstrates his point.

“Existence Precedes essence.”

     Sarter’s -I n a being that existence before he has any meaning.

                  – just end up being in the world

                  – there is no meaning to life that is given and not earned

                  – We my have not had a choice to live, however have a choice if we stay alive of kill one self off.

Things aren’t as simple as christians and communist may think or have idea of.

Sarter – thinks we have no reason to believe in god, because we understand how things work. The idea that religious belief were there to cover everything we could not explain but once we could we would move on from it to greater ideas. Greater ideas being that people came from monkeys rather gods creation.  According to Sarter’s we see the world threw our eyes and so we see it differently from those around us. Our important things may not be of any importance to others. Our focus is on our self being the subject and everything else is just being apart of that world. He also thinks that there is a inter – subjectivity meaning – we need others to know where we stand. Like we will not know we are well of if there is no one around us who is less off. We would not have that negativity if there was no one there to share it with. In not share it with maybe just to compare with, to see once again the difference between the two. We fail to see the importance if other peoples views and their effect on us. This could apply to us wanting to fit in and having to change what we wear as the mall do. We seem to want to fallow and not lead, we are rather mere sheep than wolves who’s job is to sell us useless items. Even if you are not making a choice, you are making a choice. The choice you are making by not making one is your are making a choice not to make it. Anguish because you didn’t kill your self you and you alone are responsible for your life and the lives you affect along the way as you live.  Despair the idea of not knowing what is good for you before trying it out. After all you don’t know what the ending of this could be if you, your self are yet to start it. Inventing Values, there is no one there to tell you what is of value to you. The different from values comes from the difference from background we all have. Our background varies so do our values, so do our goals and dreams in life. Existentialism give you a different meaning from that the belief of god dose. It also tells you to in away great your own meaning of life, or creating a new way to look at life for those who don’t belief in god.

It seems like a very EMO way of looking at the world, but then again I have my beliefs that are much more positive and less grim. My beliefs give me a much more positive out look on life where choices are made and are made for a reason. That reason being of my want to be in a better place. I like to believe that I want this better place more than I want the world I live in now. But then again if this was true why am I so in love with things. I love items and stuff more than I love this power being that in my belief created me. Why am I so living in the now when as a christian I should be looking for the future.  My choices aren’t very thought out either after all I think about the now and not the latter. The latter that I know is going to be good if I make good choices now.  And if I don’t make those good choices I will not end up in a better place. Knowing that in my heart I still seem to think more of that now rather than the letter.


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