Blog Prompt 21: What does it mean to be a person, according to Frankfurt? Explain the order of desires, and how they are related to freedom of will.

Hard determinism –  is the view that first determinism is true and second, this shows that freedom is an illusion.

1- whatever happens is determined by prior events (Dereminism)

2- I act freely only is I’m able to act otherwise (Avoribility Condition)

3- If my actions determined, I’m unable to act otherwise

Two kinds of Determinism

Hard Determinism – rules out free will, so our experience of free will is an illusion

Soft Determinism -will and determinism are compatible with each other so

“In is my view that one essential difference between persons and other ctreatures

non -effective – something you want to do but don’t

effective that very something that you don’t want to do

will – effective something that will actually happen

He wants to do something but there are some negatives attached to it that will eventually prevent him from it

“free to want what he wants to want”

two desire but witch is better and witch will you pick.

Effective – is the one you use ur actions

non effective is something you want but you will not fallow threw with

Second order desire

                     (having the actual choice is not freedom)

Frankfurt’s view is one that gives us two types of wants. Like I want to not to my homework, however I far pray to that want I will fail a class. The other want I have is one where I pass a class and passing a class means I have to do all my work to at least hang in there. He uses animals as an example saying they can not hold up like we humans had, however even we humans sometimes fail to stand we fall pry to drugs. Drugs is another thing he mentions that just because a person cant seem to kick that, dose not mean he or she is any less of a person.

I have two people very close to me who are addicted to two different things however they go about it just about the same way. My mother is addicted to eating, it never ends with her. Its not that I have a problem with her eat, well in a way I do when it starts to effect her health so much. It effects her heal so much that she is starting to look like those people on that show called “My 400lb life.” My fear isn’t that we are going to run out of food but rather we are going to run out of mothers. Running out of a mother wouldn’t be hard thing to do after all a doctor on that TV talks about it all the time. And she is starting to get this purple hanging thing on her stomach. To us it is a worry but she seem to be blind to her flaws.

My mother is blind in her flaws but she can clearly see my fathers. My father is an alcoholic, has been all my life. I cant say when he started because I don’t believe I was even born then. My flaws mother likes to point out his drinking problem and how it is effecting his life. But she fails to see that she too has a problem.

In Frankfurt’s view my parents have a had time with finding that other thing that is more important. They fail to see that their now actings are going to effect them later in life. Or that inner voice that prevents you from doing something stupid is one that is pretty much dead with in them. If it is not dead with in them maybe it was just there. And if it was never there than are they just animals. If that is to be true wouldn’t that make me an animal, it would clearly explain my failure to do my work on time. Or is there a third option where life happens and I just cant seen to keep up with it.


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