Blog Prompt 20: Some philosophers assert that one of the consequences of the argument against free will is that we are not responsible for our actions. Would Hume agree?

determinism -cause and effect

Hume is all about cause and effect that even the little things that happen to us happen because some action is taking. Unlike that theory that even if I do something that outcome is going to be what it was meant to be. With Hume everything happens because of actions that have been taking place before it. And according to his idea if the actions weren’t taking than that event wouldn’t have happened. An example of that is out fast food buys. We are making that action because we are hungry or due to those great big billboards. Our act of eating is in it self not some we chose to have but rather one that were are in a way talked into.

We may have that same type of good at home but there is something much more net about not eating at home. This is not an original idea but rather one that works for us. The people that sell it to us have thought it all out like eating there means not cleaning at home. It also means you don’t have to stand waiting for it too cook. Fast food has all its passes covered  and why shouldn’t they have had years to perfect it. It is so perfect that all that fast food we have as bad as it is for us we seem to becoming right back to it.

This can also apply to betting of things, we all have done it and lost but we seem to come back for more. We like to think we are smarter than any idea out there. That unlike the 100 of other people betting of the same game it is we and or our team that will come out on top. This too has been built prof like fast good over the years there is more things to put your money on. We fail to see that with putting our money in we also maybe putting our mental state in as well. We like to think we will win knowing that there are others that could as well. What Hume is noting that we can’t win without playing or that we have to eat so we do. We just don’t see that sometimes what we do has ben effected by others.


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