Blog Prompt 19: What is causal determinism? Would you feel any differently about your life in general—and your actions, thoughts, and feelings, in particular—if determinism were true? Why or why not?

I would be a little butt hurt, after all I like to think I can change the outcome of events. That go with the flow person just isn’t me I am a total control freak. And if events that are meant to happen just do when why do I question my actions or even consider what to do. Should I just let things go with the flow and like the current of life just take it on its way. Having said that, the part of me the very large part believes in god. Also believes in the bible witch in it self helps me make the right choice. But if I am to believe that things are already set in place and I have no say so why then do I think of my actions and not just let them go. However there are parts in the bible that do say that god knows the outcome of my actions. Which too makes me question if he knows the out come than why dose he let things fall where they do. Why dose he not stop me or prevent me from doing something stupid? Am I to learn from my own my mistakes, and if they are my own mistakes than it is I who has the will to make them. Which turns me back to I was meant to make them for some reason, whatever that reason may of may not be.

Predetermination is a hard idea to grasp after all I know that I have a will. I have a choices that I have made. However if the choices I have made are not due to my own will I am not at fault for their out come. And if I am not at fault for them why do I still feel bad about the actions I have made. Or the people that were hurt due to my actions, actions that were meant to happen to no fault of my own. But am I so important to be able to effect others so greatly of is it all meant to happen with or without my actions.


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