Blog Prompt 13: Descartes finally arrives at something he takes to be known with absolute certainty. What is it? How does he claim to know it? Do you think he has proven anything?

Meditation On The First Philosophy  

 In Which The Existence Of God

And The Distinction Between Mind 

 And Body Are Demonstrated 

Notes “Meditation I. Of the things which may be brought the sphere of the doubtful.”

  • false beliefs (admitted as true)
  • doubtful – basis

Build a “new foundation”

“But inasmuch as reason already persuade me that ought no less carefully to withhold my assent from matters which are not entirely certain and indubitable than from those which appear to me manifestly to be false, if I am able to find in each one some reason to doubt, this will suffice to justify my rejecting the whole.” 

Senses – can deceive 

               however there is a possibility that somethings are there and can not be argued with because they are there 

Sleep = less probable 

          = deceived 

but = there are indication that can rather help with distinction between sleep and actual events

“Purely fictitious and absolutely false” – is art that is original and not a copy of a item that has already been created

corporeal —— relating to a person’s body, especially as opposed to their spirit: he was frank about his corporeal appetites.

• having a body: a corporeal God.• Law consisting of material objects; tangible: corporeal property.


(edifice) ?

— from the senses or through the senses –

Senses = Deceive 



Man = consequently = sleep

dreams  – represent “something even less probable”

dreams aren’t as clear as reality 

sleep illusions – can deceiving 

novel – new idea- new work idea something that has never been done (fictitious) and new idea that dose not come as a copy of a original but rather a new idea it self.

“true and real or false and fantastic, are formed”

corporeal : relating to a person’s body, especially as opposed to their spirit

Physics, Astronomy, Medicine – dubious 


Arithmetic, Geometry – contain some measure of certainty and an element of the indubitable

“But possibly God has not desired that I should be thus deceived, for He is said to be supremely good. If, however, it is contrary to His goodness to have made me such that I constantly deceive myself, it would also appear to be contrary to His goodness to permit me to be sometimes deceived, and nevertheless I cannot doubt that He does permit this.”

antecedents – antecedent events: previous, earlier, prior, preceding, precursory, former, foregoing; formal anterior. ANTONYMS subsequent, later.


 – humor or frivolity, especially the treatment of a serious matter with humor or in a manner lacking due respect: as an attempt to introduce a note of levity, the words were a disastrous flop.


  • from this time on or from that time on: the company announced that it would henceforth charge royalties.

In Meditation – 

                       The author question if there is a God and after that he questions him self for questioning such a thing.

“There may indeed be those who would prefer to deny the existence of a God so powerful, rather than believe that all other things are uncertain.”  – meaning there are those who would say there is no good because they dont want to admit that they them selves are just pawns. After that quote the author address his view of questioning everything that he had once believed in so deeply.

The author write those believes he now sees as false are still in the back of his head. And even tho he knows they are of false nature we will still come to them from time to time. Because at the end of the day what was true once and be seen as true again. Even when a man knows that they are surly of an uncertain nature. The author also adds that we our selves feel safe in our delution rather than safe a not so pleasant reality.

Blog Prompt 13: Descartes finally arrives at something he takes to be known with absolute certainty. What is it? How does he claim to know it? Do you think he has proven anything?

Descartes first starts off with questioning anything and everything. As Descartes continues his views of questioning anything and everything dose not change. It is as if he is a child who comes to this great idea that adults aren’t all knowing there are questions adults will never be able to answer. Even tho they may have theories on the world they do not know for sure what has happened. How the world came to be, they may have fossils but that isn’t the full story to what may have been. Uncovering some information dose not mean you know the full story but rather bits and pieces of it. Descartes released that he is that child who was tolled to believe in god and not question it. However when he grew into a man he seemed to want to question it all. This idea of questioning religion comes to a large number of children who grew up in very religious families. The problem with questioning your parents is that they them selves fear that they could be wrong. That they them selves were those children at a point and time, so they too may have been mislead. It isn’t the misleading that the parents are so worried about but rather the, fact that they may have believed in something false. Something so false they can not prove nor appose appropriately. 

Not to may children get to be born into a family like mine, where you have a supper religious mother and a open mined father. My father was similar to Descarte he questions everything his parents were so trying to teach him. He too had came from a supper religions family but rather than hop right in he would question each and every detail. He parents need to make him supper religious as well made him oppose them as hard as he could. Witch I believe had made him that much interesting and much more understanding to others. It all so lead him to try something different with his own children. My father never tolled us answer and would rather question out questions than answer one. He never once tolled us his religious views, to this day I unsure what it is my father truly believes in. However what I am sure is that my religious views are mine and mine alone. Even tho my mother did her bast to pass on her religion my father would question her every step of the way. It is that questioning that made me, see that my mother isn’t an all knowing goddess but rather a product of her parents and their views and opinions. My mother is that idea child who believes everything she is tolled a person who would rather go in line than question why the line in the first place. Here is an example of how brain washed he is when I was about 6 or 7 years old, I had a nice day with my grandmother. My mother had this need to question me about what I did and what grandmother said. Her questions were pretty annoying so after she asked me what did grandmother say. I answered her with “she said your an idiot”, it was funny watching her reaction. She ran to my father to find out if his mother had really said something like that. He looked at her will a big smile on his face. 

A person who can question everything they believe would question the child. Or remember that grandmother is an older lady who is well behaved. And is a bit positive and supper religious as well, so if she had made that connection surly she would realize that her child was playing a big of a joke on her. Or even if she had made the connection between her child’s sense of personality she would know it was clerkly a joke. Rather than asking her self what she knows and coming to a realization she ran to daddy to ask him. Daddy had no idea what I had done with grandmother that day or what she did. But he was able to make the connection and see the joke in it.


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