Blog Prompt 16: Hume believes that the self is an illusion or a fiction. What is his argument? Do you find it convincing? Why or why not?

Davie Hume   – Personal Identity 

Our self – succession of impressions



According to him if we are those 3 things than are we no there when we sleep and have no thoughts. Or will be be gone forever after our death?”

“For  Hume, the self is simply an illusion or a fiction.” this is not a view Westerns would agree with however in the Eastern part of the world it is one some have


mind = theater – “where several perceptions successively make their appearance”

mind is a – succession of perceptions only

personal identity – bounds between perception 

Hume – a person’s consciousness, not whether he is the same person over time.

            an observation about experiences and then move to a consideration about the unity of consciousness. 

memory’s  employment of two principles 

                                              resemblance –“memory not only discovers the identity, but also contributes to its production, by producing the relation of resemblance among the perceptions”

                                              causation – “memory does not so much produce as discover personal identity, by shewing us the relation of cause and effect among our different perceptions.”

Hume attributes our sense of personal identity to memory.”

 But self or person is not any one impression, but that to which our several impressions and ideas are suppos’d to have a reference. “

For my part, when I enter most intimately into what I call myself, I always stumble on some particular perception or other, of hear or cold, light or shade, love or hatred, pain or pleasure. “

But serving aside some metaphysicians of this kind, I may mature to affirm of the rest of man kind, that they are nothing but a bundle or collection of different perceptions, which succeed each other with an inconceivable rapidity, and are  in a perpetual flux and movement. “

“As to causation; we may observe, that the true idea of the human mind, is to consider it as a system of different perceptions or different existences, which are link’d together by the relation of cause and effect, and mutually  produced, destroy, influence, and modify each other. “

Weds: Class cancelled (Prof is ill) —         Blog Prompt 16:

Hume believes that the self is an illusion or a fiction. What is his argument? Do you find it convincing? Why or why not?

Hume believes that self is a self is an illusion or a fiction because they are just emotions and events that happen to us. Those events that happen to us are what shapes who we are having said that it means that if they wouldn’t have happened we our self would be different people. His argument dose hold some true to it after all it is what we as a society like to blame our life problems on. We are like Hume when we blame some for having more than we do or judging those who were born in to a live we wish we had. We fail to notice that it all could be achieved if we spend less time talking about how life is unfair and more working out butts off. Hume never used that example exactly but that is what he is getting at, in his view we are our events and that is that. It is as if he falls to acknowledge that just because we share the same events dose not mean those events effect us the same way. My brother and I share the same parents but he is more of a smarty pants than me. To prove him wrong we can look at twins, it is a known fact that even identical twins have different ways of thinking. Twins are a great example because children of the same age are raised the same. Yet the two have very different personalities tho they are raised in the same exact house with the same exact parents.  I do believe there is something more to it than that, like maybe this is something that dose not come with an explanation. After all even those that come with an explanation don’t apply to every case.


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