Blog Prompt 11: Tolstoy uses the test of infectiousness, not only as a descriptive measure for what should count as art, but also as a standard for good art (#28-32). What does he mean by this standard? How does he suggest we apply this test to evaluate art? Is this a useful proposal for evaluating the quality of art? If you disagree with this proposal, how would you challenge it?

Youtube Kai Davis Spoken Word: F*ck I Look Like!


  1. Individuality – something that you do that represents you – a one of a kind world that is made by author – doing something to represent you and not to get the like of others
  2. Clearness – practice – being good at the activity you are doing.- what is the person writing trying to achieve with the perical effects  – something simple 
  3. sincerity – not famous doing it because like not because of benefit  – something that is really meaningful 
  • meaningful msg 

Emotional – how dose it make you feel – do you feel something specific  

Union – how dose it connect people together – 

Kai Davis Spoken Word dose not fall under Tolstoy definition of art for one great reason. But before we get into how it doesn’t fall under the definition of art we must first address how it dose fall under the definition of art. One way it dose fall under Tolstoy’s definition is, it is certainly individual. Several time she separates her self from other people and talks about her and her self alone. Second it dose have some Clearness using some historic events as example, also those events can be connected with emotionally. It is also simple nothing too out of the ordinary. Her third is effect for sure, those effect notices by my self is her tone of voice. It is a angry voice witch seems a bit like yelling and wakes the people hearing her out up. However is yelling really a great way to get peoples attention wouldn’t having to use more description words be a must greater way to get that emotional connection like Tolstoy points out. After all if someone with a less angry tone read her work it would not be as shocking nor interesting.  As Tolstoy’s definition tells us, to be art we must lead the people into the feeling in no way dose it  say yell and get their attention. Davis dose have sincerity, she seems to believe in what it is she is saying in her poetry or art if one can call it that. 

There is one thing that Davis is missing, she lacks any Union or connection. In her “art” she is all that and everyone who isn’t like her is below her. She dose not build bridge but rather destroys them, with her me me me act. She knocks others down rather than notice her own flaws. She dose not dare to notice her flaw in uniting people or noticing the positive characteristics they may have. No no to her it is she and she alone who is smart and different. In her art she tells us that people are surprised by her intelligence, then goes on the boo people who aren’t as “smart” as her. She points out she knowns big words, like a big girl. Yet fails to notice her need for those four letter words. She judges those who don’t know such big words as she dose yet fails to notice that she dose not use all of the letters of the alphabet. In no way is it uniting people if you are calling them stupid and only point out their flaws . 

So my conclusion is that Davis work dose not fall under the Tolstoy meaning of art. It dose not join people as one but rather blows away any life line that ever existed. What remains is this child that knowns four letter words and thinks she is all that. It is similar to a bully that picks on a fat kid but fails to knowns his or her own weight. Another things about Davis work that dose not fall under Tolstoy definition of meaningful work is to have a meaningful msg. That meaningful msg is lost in all the hate for others. That love for one self is killing that msg of standing together as one. And if Davis is trying to prove that she knows big words using four letter ones is not the way to go. It rather destroys the notion of using big words, it also shows that one dose not have to think much to achieve but rather use four letter. Words that we are tolled are bad and try to deter our children from are used to get attention and are thought to be art. If is is art than why would be make such a big deal when our children spit them out as if it were saliva.


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