There is nothing wrong with keeping people in a safe place and feeing them. Giving a them a roof over their heads and making sure they are who they say they are before letting them run free. My family Is a family of immigrants I had see it and I had been in it. Before coming to America my family was looked at very carefully, every part of our life was questioned. There is nothing wrong with that it is a process that should happen to keep the country safe from those who want to hurt it. Not all people that come in want to hurt it, it is not those who don’t want to hurt us that we fear. We fear those who fake papers, and get that asylum. And after receiving it they are let go to latter show up in court, some do but others don’t. Before passing hate on the man who wants to protect his country ask your self what do they have to hide. My family went threw every step and it didn’t hurt us in anyway or form. In fact it made us feel safer that there are laws and rules in place to protect the people. I respect those rules to this day and I am never bitter that my family was questioned. Because I know that it was done for the people, and now I am part of those people.

… @chrislhayes w/ an @allinwithchris exclusive: trump admin plans expansion of women/children placed in immigrant detention. #inners — fake nick ramsey (@nick_ramsey) March 4, 2017 Weeks after President Donald Trump referred to his hard line stance against illegal immigration as a “military operation,” new reports from within the Department of Homeland Security suggest new…

via Report: Trump Administration Will Expand Immigration Detention Facilities, Separate Children From Parents — Real Stories – UPROXX


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