How does Existenz, the film , fit into Plato’s hierarchical theme of reality? How does the game, Trancendenz fit? VS

Polato’s idea is that we have knowledge about these things somewhere in us we just don’t know about it. “It would lay no claim to produce sight in the soul’s eye. Instead it would assume that sight is already there but wrongly directed; wrongly the soul is not looking where it should.” is a quote from Plato that sums up the idea that we all have knowledge of things somewhere in us. However the difficulty of this situation isn’t that we don’t have the knowledge but the fact that we fail to reach it with in us. He refers to our soul’s eyes, that hold this knowledge and that it is we who fail to assume or consider that such exist with in us. According to Plato it we were to look hard that there is a possibility that we would find it. Existenz the movie connects to that idea with its game, in this so called game you drift off to the unknown world. Polato’s  soul’s eye idea is one in which you don’t know what you know. Not knowing. what you know is like going in to a game without knowing the rules or the events. In Existenz that game is one it which not everything you see is as real as you may think which connects to the idea of a cave. The Cave idea that Plato mentiones goes something like this, you have man who are tide up and can only face the wall. Facing the wall is the limitation of their things, they are tide up so good that they can no turn their head. The ability of not being able to turn the head is the limitation that prevents them from seeing whats out there. They have no idea of whats he hind and only see the wall, the wall dose show an image. The image the wall shows them are shadows, and that in it self is the limitation in which the tide up live. Plato adds to that idea of locked up knowledge the knowledge of the out side world. The out side world has people animals and object with are the projected image the tide up were seeing on their wall. Plato than goes on and gives us the idea of new knowledge by saying that one man is freed. The important thing to notice is that there is more than one man there, however only one will see the outside of this cave. After stating such events Plato adds that the free man will return and tell the others what it is he had seen. Those man who had not seen those events, will not believe the man who has. The man and or witness to the actually cause of the images appearing on the walls will not be taking seriously. The way the movie shows reality is much to similar to the way reality actually is. The movie starts with the game in full play, so be believe that the creator is about to start to play. That is a false belief because we do not really know that the movie starts off already playing in the game. A it is only latter in the move that we learn that the creator of the game was a totally different person. This connects to the cave man idea we believe she is the creator because that is what we see from the start. However like the cave man as the story unfolds we find things aren’t always as they seem. We may see that image showing that she is the creator however it is only latter that we find out that we were mislead. Another idea that could be taking from the movie its that idea that there is more to life then we think, Plato’s cave example tells us that there is more out there. The movie also apples to the idea that there is more out there, it dose so by having the people playing it leave the game but not actually leave it. What is most common in human is that do not seek a dipper understanding. As the move and Plato show us that there is more out there for those who seek it


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