Talk about over reacting, who cares what a child is being called. As long as the word is positive there is no need to over react. Getting called a princess is not a bad thing. Never has never will be, those of us that cut that down at the root kill our child’s Imagination.

Having taken feminist progress for granted, Sarah Stankorb must now reconcile her slow support of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential race with assuring her 4-year-old daughter she can be president someday.

via Don’t Call My Daughter Princess. Call Her Madam President. — Longreads

My beautiful niece from a young age was addressed as princess. When she wants being called a princess we called her our little orange. Orange was symbolic for her pretty orange hair, it was not red nor was it blond it was something in the middle. Our little orange took it as a compliment, never ever thinking it was this big bad word. Some times she likes to call her self a “orange princess”. Never do we see that as a bad thing, we the many princess dressed and her imagination she is a princess. She likes to reenact movie scenes. Which are different from time to time so then she turns into a dragon.  Never ever would I correct her view or her self and the world. Why kill a child’s imagination when it feeds her so much. She is never as happy as she is when she is playing a role in her own made up world.

My little princess had a brother his name starts with a K so we call him Kiwi. Even tho it isn’t his real name he dose not care.  He is more interested in ipad, iphone. ipod. His imagination is very much dead, there is no joy in him. Maybe just maybe if he was called a prince or had some words such as that he would be a lot more happier. Maybe then he would be more social and when talking to him I would hear more words than “give me ipod”. Children that live in a more realistic world have a dead imagination and that is no way to live. So next time someone calls your child something positive why over react.













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