Blog Prompt 6: Is there a parallel between the status of the prisoners in Plato’s cave and the spectators in a cinema? Do we mistake movies for reality? Is it possible that we mistake this physical world for reality? VS

There is a parallel between the status of the prisoners in Plato’s cave and the spectators in a cinema. We humans seem to not want to belief in something in witch we can not see. In fact we label those who do see things differently as sick. We do not stop and hear them out, after  a label to us their opinions no longer have a standing. In fact it is common to ignore or pill a person up rather than hear them out. However there is some mental illness that dose seem to put people in set of mind that no I am right and you are wrong.  We having no prior knowledge of events many thing that a person is ill if we can no understand where it is all coming from. However if we know that history of such and such we may have a different understanding of the events occurring before our eyes. My grandmother lived threw two was which too both her father and her husband. Losing her father was bad, in fact the man was put in prison and latter shot. The reason for such results was his unwillingness to want to share his wealth. In the end a girl who was born in to a some what rich family was left with nothing. That little fatherless girl lived with her mother and her other siblings. The family lived of the kind people who were at one point fead by her rich father. The people didn’t see her father as a bad man due to his will to help the community. As she grew she married a young man who’s family had a similar event happened to their family. Those events only made the couple stronger, as strong as my grandmother was she couldn’t handle not having her husband. After another was started she was one again alone and with a baby on the way life for the young mother was bitter sweet. After having the baby she had to put it in a day care so she could work. In that day care there were thousands of children, we the man off to war all woman had to work. Sadly the child my grandmother gave birth too didn’t live long, he died shortly after. With the lose of her first and only child and the lack of knowledge where her husband was at one can only guess her state of mind.

When my grandfather return life didn’t get any better, he was looked as a bad man for coming home alive. In Russian they have a saying “Russians don’t live up” which means if you choose to live you are no longer a valuable member or society. He went to war will all body parts came home with one lim having to be cut off. The infection he had in his legs could have been treated, however camps like the one he was in viewed him as longer than a pet. In fact he was treated worst off than the other military man. His government saw him as the worst of the worst and people that were holding him in camps hated that he was Russian. As he would tell my father latter in life, it wasn’t that they couldn’t afford to they care of us they just didn’t want to. They didn’t see us as value to them, “we weren’t from the other countries like the other man.” If was in prison camp with Americans, however Americans value their military man so Germans did everything they could to take care of the valuable man. Unfortunately for him he wasn’t so valuable to his people nor did the Germans think they trade him. To he totally honest my grandfather wasn’t ever a real military man. When he was young like my grandmother he lost all his family money for no reason. A boy who had a clearly great future now didn’t even have a pot to piss in. Lucky for him a man who lived not far from the family too him in. That man and his wife had no children of his own so to him it was great. He raised the boy as his own and took it up on him self to teach the boy everything he knew. The man who took my grandfather in drove for a living, something we don’t see as a big deal no but that was way back then. Back then suck a job payed well and having such as skill would put him ahead or everyone. From a young age he would spend all his time with his step father, who would teach him to drive. When the war started my grand father was all grown married and new a car like the back of his hand. When the war started the government drafted him, there was no way out of it. Being in listed with such a wanted still he was always in need, he never even use a gun in war. He served as a driver even so, when he taking to camp he was seeing as any other guy not just a driver.

My grandfather was freed when the war ended, and the man who freed them took them all in. They were all dressed and there were also different countries giving military man a place to go. This was a new idea to my grandfather, he was shocked to see. How can any man after wining a war want to move to a different country and leave the land he had been fighting for. Many man took that option my grandfather never did he came back to his wife and child. At the point he had no idea that his child was no longer on earth. One thing he would latter tell my father his young son is “I had no idea why those man wouldn’t want to go back to their families, nor did I believe the Americans when they said my life would be worst if chose to go home.” As my grandfather latter learned the Americans were right life did get worst for him. He was looked as a bad man, the lose of his leg gave him no pity nor did it give hims respect or understanding. Rather than be happy that he unlike the others came back, he was seen as the enemy. This wasn’t just said this legless man was called to the office almost every day. At open point he got so sick of such treatment  that he came set down and said “arrest me no let me go”. He would think back at his time with the Americans and the other countries, he had a lot to great memories for the short time he spent with them. What he enjoyed most was showing pictures of his time spent with his new found friends.

What makes story similar isn’t my grandfathers time in a prison camp but my grandmothers state of mind. Having had such horrible things happen to her all her life she went a little crazy. A new years after my grandfathers death she made a big fire. The fire isn’t a traditional way of dealing with things, nor is it something our family likes to practice. In face it is not something anyone had seen coming, no one knew what was in the fire. It is much latter that my father and his siblings found out she made a fire to all the pictures and items my grandfather had took home with him after being freed from prison. In her mind that bad government was coming after her and those picture was evidence agains her and her family. Having not known the family history or the events I have written on here, one could say she is just a little nuts. But before thinking so we must first understand the person, and his or her reason for thinking they way they do. Because if we were to understand that person we may just see things differently.

Do we mistake movies for reality? Is it possible that we mistake this physical world for reality?

We may mistake movies for reality however there are some movies that actually take from events that actually happen. However some of those movies take those events and make them in something much worst, when others make it seem not as bad. We have this belief that if we see it is real, and movies is something one can see. However the idea not everything you see is real comes in to play. Like the idea of magic, most of us know it is fake however we can see it so if we see it must be real. But is it real if one can show you how that magic trick was done. Is the magic trick a reality because we can see it. Or is the fact that it is a trick a reality. Physical world isn’t always a reality take realistic paintings. Those paintings can be go great of an art work that one can look at it and believe it is real. The 3d effect plays with our eyes telling us that the idea in the painting is actually there when it really isn’t.


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