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Class discussion Neandertals. Europe and Middle East 300.000 to 27,000 y.a.

They are the first known found skeletons on Earth. It is a fact that is  excepted by all we know so much about them from the bones we find and  the items they were uncovered with. It is a fact that the Neandertals had graves in which their bones were discovered. What is not a fact is the objects that the Neandertals were found were all intact. After all not all items may have stayed in the ground for so long. There are items that disintegrate if left in the ground for a long amount of time. So we can no for sure say there weren’t other objects there when the burials accord. Not one of us was a live in that point in time to say there weren’t objects that just didn’t maintain their state of being. So if we can not for sure know that their weren’t other objects how in the world can we say they didn’t believe in some higher power.  How can we defined and area in which we only have what items that did sustain them self. Another explanation of such events can be the Native American culture it too is an old one. However there are still people who are alive and are children of those ancestors. Even tho most of their culture was killed off by the white man that invaded their land there are some that know their culture well. They know their history even tho they don’t have much objects or written record. Some don’t need written record to have strong beliefs nor do they need objects to prove them. They their beliefs come from stories tolled by their elders, stories that have been past down from generation to generation. Colin G. Calloway wrote a book called “Our Hearts Fell to the Ground” in it he addresses this unwritten knowledge as “In oral cultures like those of Plain Indians, the memories of elders served as repositories of triple histories, and songs, stories, dance, and other public performances fastened traditions in the lives of successive generations.” It is a theory of mine that what if Neandertals has a similar way or passing on their own history. What they did believe in a higher power and just didn’t have it down on a rock or skin of an animal. What if their higher power knowledge was passed down orally. Or take the objects that we find that we use as prof who is to say that there weren’t more objects that just didn’t see the light of day.

By Vera Serebrennikova


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