Blog Prompt 4: Reconstruct one of his arguments (not the ship captain example) in standard form. Then evaluate that argument for soundness and validity. What practical significance does Clifford’s thesis have? Do you see any fallacies in Clifford’s reasoning? VS

Sometimes waiting its an option, yes it is wrong to make “grave accusation” however desperate times call for desperate measures. There is no event that would be as desperate than one were children are taking away. Parents, legal guardians or any normal human who’s feelings are involved act desperate in such events. It is only when we understand their situation can we understand they are as logical and you or me when emotions aren’t in control. The prejudice and passion came from the heart so there for that isn’t to say their way of thing is wrong. After all we all do crazy things when our loved once are taking from us.

 Doubt isn’t always fallowed by “bitter thing”. If it isn’t always bitter is there by wouldn’t leave us ” It leaves us bare and powerless where we thought that we were safe and strong.” Who is to say we ever feel safe or strong or have any type of powerless feeling to being with. Knowing about something, dose not in anyway help you deal with it, it might help to understand it. However the act of dealing with something is different from person to person. Knowing precisely what to do may not effect your feeling of lost. Just because we know the answer might be this dose not easy the feeling of putting in the wrong answer. Not always do u find ur self powerless add ignorant when you cross a problem you don’t know the answer to. In face is such case I am more interesting in learning about it than ever before. Power attached to a sense of knowledge don’t in anyway make me doubt my beliefs. If anything it makes me belief more than anything, after all I have my reasons for doing so.











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