Week 3 (Jan 30- Feb 2) Mon/Tuesday By VS

1)Give your own, original example of a valid argument with a false conclusion.

1.)The girl other is wearing blue, that man over there is wearing blue too.

So is the other two girls next to that couple.

They are all holding musical instruments.

This must be a all girl band.

2)Give your own, original example of a valid argument with a true conclusion.

2.)That group of individuals must be apart of the same musical band.

3)Give your own, original example of a sound argument.

3.)Wearing the same color and holding a similar object makes a group of people feel more like a team and united as one.

4)Give your own, original example of an inductive argument.

4.) Officer Holtsclaw was arrested for rape and latter in prisoned for those charges. People vs Holtsclaw failed to mentioned that inconsistence of the statements. Like ones of the so called victims had inconsistent stories. One victim was staying that it was a Black officer that had done some acts with her. In that same interview you can see the cops leading her. They were saying a little too much, so much that one can kinda guess what it is they are looking for. In fact after the interview is done she asks “how did I do.” Another fact that wasn’t available to the jury was what the only so called victim that had DNA evidence said to her mother.  She tolled her mother that she met this hot cop that day. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t expect this poor victim to go home and call her victimizer a “Hot Cop”. The thing that most likely convicted Holtsclaw was the fact that there was DNA of one victim on his pants. However funny thing about  DNA there is one man in works in the field that disagrees that the only way DNA could have gotten on the pants of the guy was threw sexual contact. According to him just a hand shake could have given him the DNA. In that theory the DNA he could have received on his hands could have transferred to his pants. How you might ask well there is a simple explanation to that by zipping up his pants the last and final transfer could have been made. It is that transfer that could put away just about anyone, to make matters worst those in charge won’t retry the case. Witch on their part can be understanding after all if DNA is so easy to transfer how many other cases can  have holes in them. The system dose not like to be proven wrong, it would rather have 100s of law suits against them than to retry a case that  clearly has holes in it. They failed to mention that there were more so called victims that came forward after they found out that they can sue the city and get a good amount of cash from such an event. There were so many woman who were turned away because their stories weren’t as good. The jury it self can be questioned, after all they were hearing the people out side the court saying they would take the law in their one hands. The police failed to make that jury feel safe when debating what the verdict should be. There are very few of us that would put our self in danger for someone the law arrests. Jurys should be protected from outside influences, that was something the police failed to do. There was no presumed innocent, to them Holtsclaw was guilty from the start.


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