Fallacies February 1, 2017 Vs

Blog Prompt 3: (This will probably not be 300 words)

Give your own, original examples for the following ten fallacies, plus two additional fallacies of your own choice (for a total of 12): 1) Begging the Question 2) Ad Hominem 3) Equivocation 4) Slippery Slope 5) Straw Man 6) Tu Quoque 7) Non-sequitur 8) False Dichotomy 9) Argument from ignorance10) Red Herring


Ex “Opponents argue the ban violates the faith amendment right to due process”

EX One can argue that amendments have been changed in the past to improve the quality of life on those living in the now. Over time our idea change so do our views on amendments. Staying that an amendment is right kills the idea of questioning of what is going on in the now. At one point amendments didn’t include the rights of African Americans. Just because an amendment is there no in no way or from mean it would stay there for long. (words 97)


Notes: from video – A fallacy is an argument of a type that is generally recognized to be bad – You should evaluate an argument only after the argument has been reconstructed to include any implicit or assumed premises.

EX If I wake up early morning ever day I will not be late. I arrived at 8:30 am to a class that starts as 9:00 am.

EX It’s ok to lie to your parents your where about, all my friends lie to theirs.

                                                                                                                                 (Words 46)

Fallacies Of Relevance

Present evidence unrelated to the truth of the conclusion

Connection between premise and con causation is often emotional

EX I was right last time I must be right this time too!

Fallacies of Presumption

making unwarranted assumptions

assume something is true without giving independent evidence of its truth

EX If parent is religious the child of that parent will fallow the same exact religions ideas.

Ad Populum

If everyone thinks it is true it must be true a false idea that a majority thinks is true

Ad  Hominem ( fallacies od Relevence )

If you cant prove your point you start calling your opponent names ( names that have noting to due with the argument at all )

EX I know Im right and your just stupid to think that Im not!

Fallacies of Presumption  (Complex Question)

EX Questions that assume guilt ( questions that will make you look guilty no matter how you answer it.)

Fallacies of Presumption ( Begging the Question ) – circular reasoning

cant not support the argument with its own conclusion ( using your argument to argue )

EX Why should I believe in god? ( why shouldn’t you believe in God? )


Slippery Slope 

( if you do this that will happen ) – The that that would happen must not have nothing to do with it.

Ex children aren’t put to bed one time they will end up with a bad sense of time. You know who else has a bad sense of time people with drug problems. This means that if you don’t have a a normal bed time you too will have a drug problem.

Straw Man  (picking the smaller a reason and attacking it)

EX “I didn’t sleep well last right”

“you look like you didn’t sleep well”

“you think I look bad?”

Tu Quoque 

(I might say not to do something but do it my self anyway)

EX My sister likes to say its bad to be a smoker however having a nickname like “smokey the bear” should explain she can’t be the one to appose such activity.

Non Sequitur 

Two arguments that have nothing to do with each other

Flaw Dichotomy ( no ifs or buts about it ) – this or that ! ( black or white )

EX “I dont think you should wear that, it made your friend look fat.”

Arguments from ignorance

Ex “I think your wrong so you must be wrong, after all Im a pretty smart.”


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