Blog # 1 Argument and Inference – Wednesday, January 25,2017


Abuse of power is a root of injustice, it is that power that gives those in power that feeling of entitlement. Entitlement that later roots deeper with in, killing that duty of protecting rights of others. Others beings that have much less control of their life. An example of that was something witnessed fist head. It started as ordinary day, just like many others I had spent with my father. It was just another outing for myself and my beloved father. We picked out a few items and got in line to pay for them. The line we were in was like any other store’s checkout like, or so I had thought. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be a witness to such a ugly event as the one that was to come. Right in front of my father and I in that same line was a older lady and a child. A lady looked like fathers age his in his 50s, the child looked about about 5 no older than 6. The young girl seemed to be very upset with the older lady. As most children are in a store full of toys. It perfectly normal at and day and time to witness a child upset at a store. What made this very different from anything I had ever seen was hearing what had came out of the older lady’s mouth. I can’t say I remember or that I understood what lead up to this but the argument the two had ended with the older lady stating “I will buy you any doll you want but the white one.” The person in power was clearly the one with money so that would be the older lady. It is she who felt entitlement over the child’s doll selection. The duty she had to protect her child from her self was one she failed at. My father and mother never once said a “no” to me without an explanation. In fact my mother’s corporal punishment wasn’t the worst thing I had done. The worst thing was when she took it up on her self to explain why it was I was wrong. She would repeat her self over and over. Like a broken record, I  would hear her voice in my head. However when it wasn’t in my head it was there in front of me explaining to me why she disagreed with my actions.






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