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It is interesting that you didn’t feel it in a car. It kinda makes me wonder it is because you were already moving or because it wants as bad as the one you have felt. Another thing I was thinking about is it safer in the car during an earthquake?

just now
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Husband doesn’t seem to want to fix it, whom in the world did you marry. Is it really that bad out there that woman marry man that not only don’t care about you but their children to? You biggest problem isn’t the cold water but rather the lack of self respect. Start with a divorce, that could be the extra push to get that husband to wake up. Once he is wakes up he will do anything to keep you around. If that dose not work he truly just isn’t that into you. Nor would he make a good father, sometime a check is better than a man. I know my father has always treated my mother right and set the level what I believe I should be treated like. If you allow him to treat you like that you are setting a standards for your self and are showing your child how to treat woman or as a woman be treated by a man.


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Theology has been reformed, but I do not believe it should have. Our standards of living has changed due to doing so, we are more open minded to divorce and the separation of child from one parent to live with the other. Doing such a act is just not fair, we should not in anyway think it was god’s will because had it been so he would be more open to it but not reframing to as a last resort. We have come more open minded to other things too but should we have if our religions original views on it were so negative. Should we change something original to fit us not, but messing with the original we are taking away some of its meaning and are putting in our own. We should be more opening minded and with the times but we should not impose that on the original writings.


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Being careful may not be an option when people are in need. If you see a person who is hungry to you stand there and question him. Or do you feed him and hope that your did a deed for someone who needed it. Should we question before give or just give and hope if falls in the hands of those who truly need it. Those who go to those areas, are not that well educated and may not know who’s fighting who. But dose it matter I think not when there are children going to bed hungry I believe it is worth it to risk of being played. We should not question each and every person who is there to help, after all there aren’t many of them who due. Not a lot of us trop everything we are doing and go and help to a scary area at war. We should not judge those who do when we are in our safe homes and have full stomach we take to bed every night.


NaPoWriMo #7: a poem about luck and fortuitousness (To have human conscious)

NaPoWriMo #7: a poem about luck and fortuitousness

Image from: The New York Times

As I inhale this air,
Deeply, filling my lungs,
Holding it inside me,
I don’t want to let go,

I’m not a lucky man,
For coincidental,
Surprises in my life,
Still a fortunate one,

I’m totally grateful,
First, for my family,
Then, my amazing friends,
And all the memories,

They don’t have what I have,
They struggled everyday,
To survive in war zones,
And it is not their fault,

I should appreciate,
And share my gifts with them,
I am still fortunate,
To have human conscious.

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  1. Hi there! I just came across this post of yours and your blog in general and I couldn’t help but comment and tell you how much I adore your blog and love this post! Keep up the great work, I am going to follow you so I can keep up with all your new posts!

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  2. War zones are sad places and one can’t help but feel bad for them. However how can we feel bad for all when there are so many? Some our caused by our own counties and our own selfish needs. I know Im selfish when I say that I am more worried about my own family than those of others. I think more about my loved ones being safe then the loved ones of others. What can I said I am human, and not ashamed of it. Why should I be ashamed of something my country dose for my own safely and the sadly of my loved ones. So don’t feel bad my friend enjoy your life and enjoy having your love ones with in your grasp.







Its quite interesting that the News failed to mention that the man that made such comments is a Muslim him self. How is that not “Fake News”. I think its fair to say if you can’t report on the full story don’t report on it at all. Why divide people when you can unite them by mentioning such things as the local police responding and taking care of the problem right away.

These traffic lights seem like a big wast of money why not take that money and put it into something meaningful. Dose anyone really care what shows up there if so to be open to everyone why not just put stars. On top of that not too many woman wear those long skirts anymore or hats. So by the looks of todays world the signals to day look a lot more like a modern woman than those “equality” ones.

I would more than agree with the Two – Parent Privilege idea, after all children who are raised in a two parent home get two people who loved them. One person can never make up for the love lost of another. If a child has two parents he or she also gets to enjoy double the income. After all parents who are still together can provide more than a single parent house hold. There is also the idea of having two parents in the same house hold is more stable, than having to pick up and move somewhere else on the weekends. Having a house with two parents can also benefit the child with the attention he or she is likely to receive. Having a weekend parent never makes up for the days lost connecting with that other parent who only gets to be involved on weekends and special occasion.

Here is idea for this selfish idiot, if the institution she is currently attending is so toxic why not leave it for one that better suits her needs. If others are as toxic as she claims there is the option of getting a job and not attending one at all. Education isn’t for everyone and if someone is so worried about vacation and getting away from it why not just leave. People who are more worried about begging others for money and not working for it them self aren’t going far anyway. It is only so far will you get away riding on other peoples backs, sooner or latter those people will kick you off.

Its funny how Freeland wants to attack Russians yet dose not want to chat about her families past. Sometimes pointing the finger comes back around, after all you can’t play victim when you really aren’t. Its nice that her story was uncovered, as a Russian person I find it a bit mean to say bad things about Russians without taking the time to see your own flaws. She is her grandfather child after all he two did whatever he could to over his own behind. People like her should be called out for their lies and have to answer. It is something to lie about your past, and maybe just maybe at her age she had no idea of her families true history. However one must stop and think a woman with and education can figure out her own history before trying to make history. As a person who actually had family members who did suffer from those wars I do strongly believe she should have to answer for her statements. And those who put her in power should rethink that as well after all if she lacks any idea of who she is can she really be a good person to fix others with her many flaws.

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      I did hear of a similar story before, what makes this so interesting to me is we always mention the white man as this oppressor. However we never seem to remember those who fought the fight to free slavery. We as people should remember the bad yet we should also never ever fail to mention the good. Take this part of history for example someone “white” must have help at point and time. A story is never black and white, there is no such thing as bad and good. There will always be bad as their is good, after it is evil that helps us see greatness.

  1. Some children never move away take my sister for example she got married and moved out a few streets down. Those few streets down cant seem to keep her apart she pops in just about everyday. Having said that I do feel that some of us are just not meant to move out nor cut that umbilical cord.

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    Why talk to Russians well here is just a little hint hint that any man who has a campaign would know “it is a fact Russians have nuclear weapons” like it is a fact for those of us who know what those are that one must have a friendship with counties that have such insignificant things. But your so right “Trumps people know nothing about international politics.” After all if they did know something why in the world would they want to establish peace with a country that has such lol cant help my self “insignificant things as nuclear weapons”

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Before asking for more money we must first address where that $ would come from. Sometime to give one group some we must take away from another. So before even asking for any we must first address where we would like to take it from?

snow, vodka and bears now thats the right oder of things

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You are never really free when you have a child, at the end of the say you have this great big responsibility. Those of us who have children are never free we always have this little life to worry about. As a mother you are never ever free you always have this responsibility to think about. And when your not thinking about this responsibility you are taking care of it. From the morning you wake up you have it to the time you close your eyes at night. Even when you seem all you think about is that responsibility, after all in my opinion you aren’t truly free you are just in a different prison.

It would be great if it worked, however there are many things that can go wrong. Just getting a boob job is dangerous, something like this surly must be 10 times more deadly. Another thing to think about if abortion is controversial topic, how controversial would it be to test it out of humans. We would not only be putting the “child/fetus” in danger. Would we on top of that be willing to put another woman’s life in danger.

Have you seen those youtube video where Uber drivers get attacked? If not here is a idea get some pepper spray! As positive as your post about is one must think its too good to be true. After all you are letting strangers in to your car, personally even when I pull up next to a person standing on the street I like to roll my windows up. The important connection between my rolling up window story and your letting them in you car is. I know the guy on the street as much as you know the guy you are keeping up. There is this theory that because they use their phones you are safe. Well not really you have no idea if the phone they just used to contact you over Uber was just stolen from someone else. But is you still feel like its the greatest thing ever, I do suggest you stop by your local store and pick up some pepper spray before you go back to letting other strangers in your car.

Freedom of speech isn’t really free if we don’t let a person actually use it. Every victim has his or her own way or dealing with things. Some of us like to close the door and never open it again. Others make jokes at horrible events in our lives so we can talk about it. I have my own horrible events that happen to me that I like to joke about. I do not joke about it to make people feel that they aren’t serious but to be able to talk about it. I find it hard to address them, however when I make those events into a joke I can openly talk about them. If I wasn’t able to turn them into a joke I would have never been able to share them with friends and if I wants able to share them I wouldn’t be as helpful to them. It is only because that I can joke about them that I can make someone smile and make such a conversation possible.

A pastor once tolled me that when you pick up a bible and you are in need of an answer. An answer that God is welling to open your eyes to, you will open that bible and you will end up on a page that will apply to your life at that very moment. I know it may sound crazy to some however it always seems to help me. -(just something to try if interested)-

We are all different when it comes to eating and hey Starbcuk’s has its flavors why shouldn’t a chip have it’s. For example my sister likes to buy frog legs I find just the idea of it sick. According to her its ” great”. According to me don’t even put that on the table or you will end up wearing my lunch.

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“I’ll tell you — Russians. Those guys strangle fucking bears and stuff. Now I’m shvitzing, oy!”
Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black, as a Russian I would find that mean too but no no that cant be after all this is said by a guy agains mean moments. To clearly understand why I find this comment to means one must understand where it is I am coming from. Well I was born in Russian so I do consider my self Russian even tho my background is a big mixed. But that isn’t the only reason why this comment is mean to me, another reason is I have actual family members that worked for nature reserves in Russian. In fact one of the animals the nature reserves are known fro protecting is bears. Protecting them isn’t a lay back job in which you lay back and bitch about your day. In such a job man die after all bears are used for all kinds of stuff. So it is a deadly one, that idea that Russian strangle one is a mean one. When you know that mean put their life on the line to make sure bears get to stay safe. Sure they have hunting season but even then those people on the job make sure that it is all done within limits. But no this guy is great should lead the people agains people who say mean things. OMG there is a problem how can he lead men agains him and those like him?

Paris Dennard didn’t get time to respond. Right as he was about to explaining his train of thought he was cut off. That is no way to treat anyone, to have an actual conversation or debate one must let his or her opponent have the time to respond. The same smart butt also said “People get things wrong, sources are sometimes empty, but no one that I know has put out anything to intentionally deceive someone.” If you are working on a story shouldn’t you have a check your sources. After all if your sources isn’t very good what dose that say about you as a professional. On top of that if it is not your intention to deceive; shouldn’t you stop and check before going out there using it because of those actions looking like an idiot! “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” as it was written by Warren Buffet.

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    To those who were apart of the riot, great job for giving Milo more publicity than ever. Anyone who didn’t know who Milo was before surly know him now! Publicity can’t buy you this much overage as you guys did. Think before you act not act before you think.

“Considering how Russia’s oil industry is entirely state-owned, and Congress did away with a provision that requires oil companies to disclose foreign payments, owning the Crimea and its oil rights would allow Exxonmobil to move ahead with several major energy projects in the region.” Where in the world do you get you ideas, it is a known fact Crimea has no oil. So if it has no oil, for what oil rights would they fight for.

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It is the most horrifying thing I have ever seen. However it is also the most honest account of the events that happened there. The news talks about numbers of deaths but never ever do we see them. This really makes me see they aren’t just numbers but actual people. Peoples who’s lives were cut for no reason.

Gordon Ramsay love to give criticism however he dose not like receiving it.

Watch to see Remsay over rect saying that his staff can do no wrong. However it is funny coming from a man who had mentioned on one of his reality tv shows, that he dose hear peoples criticism. Only a hypocrite tells others to ear the customer out and take it and improve them self using that criticism. Yet this same man cant seem to hear his own customers out nor dose it look like he is planing to improve.

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Marine Le Pen had every right to refused, as a woman I believe we have a right to dress our selfs. She is a grown woman and a a grown woman she has ever right not to submit to other peoples ideals. If I was her I wouldn’t do anything different, as a woman I and only I have a say so in what it is I want to wear.

Ye how in the world would water be and issue, ow wait how much % of the human body is water? Here is a what has to say “At least 60% of the adult body is made of it and ever living cell in the body needs it to keep functioning.” But your right water isn’t an issue if you hoping to killing all the civilians anyway. To your “I think” part of your comment, what you think is not a fact, it is an opinion so its value is as valuable as your lack of knowledge of the importance of the water to the civilians who still live there. There is no “depending up on how dangerous to civilians become the illegal actions”, they are as dangerous as they could get. If you don’t believe that, I suggest you try living without clean water. After all you still question how dangerous such events can be.

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Its crazy how obsessed we are with whats in other peoples pants, jeans, skirts… What makes this really nuts is in some preschools they don’t have those privacy walls or doors that go on them and don’t have those problems. Children don’t seem to care whether or not it’s a male or a female using a bathroom right next to them. Is it our age that makes us so interested with such details.

An article must have proof to be true or hold value. If you don’t site where in the world you are getting your information it is nothing but useless assumptions. Assumptions hold no value, after all if your not Trump how in the world would you know what he think. Telepathic powers can be involved however that too has never been proven. There for that is too a useless of a idea as it gets. On a side note I believe that if you own the land why in the world would you give up. By doing so you only open the doors to others who want a pice of your pie but in this instance land.

“This feud is never going to end, and that’s wonderful”
That is the best thing someone can say about unify problems the country has been having. The is the best for one key reason it is only when we are on opposite sides do we tell the other side what our opinion truly is. If we were all united we would never get any opposing view, nor would we know our flaws. Both the liberals and the conservatives have their flaws. If someone was to unite the two and stop this opposition, we would not see the flaws with each other. It is like a best friend that won’t tell you, you look fat in that dress just to protect your friendship. The country needs opposing sides with in it to improve it self. Just like we all need a friend that would tell us the truth and maybe hurt our feelings but protect us from looking like a cow.

Success can be seen in different ways you have this view of what society sees success to be and than there is you own view of it. Sometimes the reason you feel unsuccessfully is because you are in one of the two meanings. You can be unsuccessful if societies view and be very successful in your own. It is all in your head, after all even the most successful of us feel like there is something missing or want something they don’t already have. This idea of recognition comes from our need to be viewed as successful, however just because you are views so dose resemble the reality of the situation. Which brings me back to that meaning that there are two views of it there is your own and the one society has. We want that recognition from society yet we forget to recognize it our self. We have that ability to say “great job to our self”, but it is not out of our own mouth that we want to hear it from. A disappointment we feel from such events not happening has nothing to do with other people but rather with our self. From a young age we learn that if you do something good you will hear something great. It is societies way of submitting out minds to fallow the rules. But at the sometime we become dependent on that “good job” or other positive words. By the time we get to adult hood we have this mind set that if someone isn’t saying it you aren’t successful. We are in need of that attention we had received from some place. You may have drowned up in not such a nice house or had positive parents. But each and everyone of us had one person tell us that at one point, so we repeated the activity we had done to receive it. We repeat our self more than ones to receive those few positive words or to get that attention we are in deep need of.

Even the most thick – skinned person has feelings, presidents are people too. If we care so much about being politicly correct and not hurting the feelings of others why is it ok to attack the president. It’s not even worth to run for president knowing that there will be those who attack you and your family. “Unlike our current thin-skinned president, President Bush didn’t mind having fun poked at him at all.” this quote is so wrong, just because someone goes along with your joke dose not be he or she is never hurt by it. Joking about your self is fun and it dose not hurt others however with out “current president” that isn’t what it happening. He has made jokes about him self and he didn’t mention the jokes that were made about him. What he is mentioning is that idea that there is “Fake News” and he is right there is. What makes Fake News fake is there inability to prove their words. What is not fake about it, the media is there to give us the news. News isn’t what you made up nor is it something hear from a drunk guy in a bar. To make fun of the president for pointing out that the media isn’t doing is job isn’t a joke. It is a scary fact that anything you hear is news that my 5 year old can be the politician and a accurate source. Sources should be accurate, that will kill fake news.

If I was Neverson I would take the plea assaulting a police officer is a serious crime. It isn’t a crime just agains the officer but of everything the officer represents. It isn’t just a uniform that the man is wearing, he is the peoples protection from those who wish to do them harm. We as the people should not even give a plea to a man who thinks its ok to harm those who protect us. If we the American people allow our officers to be hurt and do nothing we show how much we care about our own safety. A plea should not be an option to anyone who thinks its ok to put their hands on the man and woman who protect us. Those man die for us and we give pleas to those who hurt them. However we still expect them to protect us event tho we fail to punish those who hurt them.

Seems to me like a very sad way to die, alone with a bunch of pictures. However if he had so many of them he must have enjoyed them and if so maybe he was “happy” one last time before his death. We people seem to collect all kinds of stuff maybe that was just his collection. Whatever it was it sure was an interesting story to read, however the cause of death would also be interesting to find out.

Who know that a stapler can cause such a headache. At first I didn’t think it would be such a big deal however when you think about the amount of people sending their paper work in it can cause a big headache


Bana is a catfish, it is clear that a child her age would not be able to express her self so well at her age. Its a good idea to use pictures of children to get your attention after all we all feel sad for any child living where there is any type of danger. But clearly that child is not if she was she would not betaking pictures outside, nor would she be dressed so well. By well I mean clean if her friends have died than she would be near the attack so wouldn’t her outfit have some kind of effect. How do you get your outfits so clean at wartime? Another thing to notice is children post about ponies and puppies not about war. Also my child is about that age her contacts are children of similar age not activist. In fact my child isn’t even sure what war is seen it on the news she asked about it but not using words that are above her language skills. Its funny how my child who is born in the USA dose not write as well in english as a child who never even been to the states. And if there is a war I would not think she would get the best of an education, so I would guess without an education a child would not be likely to know its own language that well let alone know another.

There is nothing wrong with having your child be your billboard! I believe that my child is my little copy and that everyone should have their own. There is nothing wrong with passing on your beliefs to your child! Never has never will be! Just because you disagree with someones views dose not mean you have any right to tell them how to raise their child! I never stop my child from learning new ideas however I also never stop him or her about hearing my views on it! I believe that I have every right to raise my child on my views as anyone else, whatever their views maybe. Hint hint, we are only human we make mistakes and we learn from them. Our children learn from us, but they also are able to make up their own mind and have their own view on any subject!


How can say that letting illegal alien in is a great thing when our citizens are getting killed. Im sure that someone will say that is just one story, so what do we need more? Do we need more deaths before we wake up from this rainbow view of people. Here is something that I have said more than one time. I am a immigrant, and my family went thew the border after passing USA’s test. Those tests maybe too much to take, but they are there to protect us. There is a reason my family was able to come into the country, we passed them. We have clean records and we are law abiding citizens! I believe that people who are like my family and have noting to hide are able to some into that USA the right way. Those who don’t have something to hide and should not get to come in just because they want to. And those states that let them stay are to blame for the people like this teacher. A teacher who did nothing more than teach children. More likely than not she at one point of another make some child like he or she can do anything. That anything would be to protect the people of this country no matter what.


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This really made me think about my grandmother, even tho she wasn’t perfect. I do miss her now that she is gone, its funny how you never think about it before they are gone. She too had songs that she would sing with me some she remembered and some she would read from her little book. She would teach me a few of them and not that she is gone I feel that is the closest thing I have to her


Trump supporter here, I don’t think this made me like him and more. And ow ye I’m Russian so I guess I have both things covered, even tho Russians are thought to support Syria I don’t. So that air strike really means nothing to me Go Trump. I guess I like to think about it this way I’m sure he had his reasons for the actions he has made!